We believe in safe internet – a place where children can have fun, while also developing their mind through educational programs. Unfortunately, we are aware of how dangerous the Internet can be, full of inappropriate material easily accessed by children.

That is why we have created the Weblock program. It will enable you to protect your child by blocking their use of these unsuitable Websites, while at the same time, allowing your child to use the Internet to advance their education and creativity.
The chief asset of the program is its user-friendly structure.


s a program that enables safe access to Internet Resources. It blocks entry into certain websites in accordance with the settings established by the computer supervisor. The program also restricts entry into selected appliances (including: Instant Messengers, electronic mailing lists, downloading files from the Web, e-mails).

One of Weblock’s best features is that the parent/guardian is able to choose which content and websites can be accessed by the children/users and is able to monitor the websites visited by the children.



 The new upgraded Weblock 5.0 allows you to:

Actively protect your children’s Internet usage/ Control your employee’s Internet accessibility

Block certain sites that have offensive material (such as sex, drugs, or violence)

Protect your children social networking sites

Manage Internet access time

Control access to instant messengers and video sites

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